Lindfors Swing Affairs

finest swing music

Will Lindfors (USA) - drums, vocals
Andy Lawrence (GB) - cornet, vocals
Harald Schwer (G) - piano
Helmut Siegle (G) - doublebass

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Will Lindfors (USA) - drums, vocals

Born in 1949 and raised in San Francisco,
Will studied music1966-1969 at Foothill-College in California. He came to Europe in 1970 to further his studies of classical music in Amsterdam. In 1980 he came to Germany to live and work with diverse bands, such as   Dave Kamien Division, Rod Masons Savanna Orchester, Joe Wulf's Big Band, On tour with Gene Conner, Miss Sydney Ellis, Al Coply took him all around the world. Will has recorded over 30  different CD/LP productions in many styles of music. Will has accompanied many artists ( for example ) Paul Kuhn, Marlene Charell, Udo Jürgens, Andy Borg, Gitte Haenning, Buddy DeFranko, Will is well known in Germany and through out Europe. Will plays often in the “Jazz Hall” in Stuttgart, with many different jazz bands, as well as many other jazz clubs in South Germany and Europe.  In 1998 Will Lindfors was awarded the "German Musical Media Prize" for being the best drummer of the year!

Andy Lawrence (GB) - cornet, vocals

Born in Swindon, South-West England in 1954.
Andy began taking trumpet lessons, when he was 11 years old; under Frank Goff from the Edinburgh Symphony. Professional at age 17 with the American soul band “The Fantastics “, Andy then toured 5 years throughout  Europe and Asia with the Roy Pellet Jazzband. He then moved to West Berlin, and worked as a freelance soloist and studio musician, his abilities as an arranger and composer in Berlin.
In 1984 Andy came to South Germany, working as assistant professor for the Ba-Wü Youth Jazz Orchestra, and becoming the busiest traditional style trumpeter on the South German scene. Andy led his own Big Band and combo, also playing with the Joe Schwarz Orchestra, playing many TV shows as lead trumpeter. In the 90s he perfomed more commercial music very sucessfully with “Billy´s Oldies but Goldies”, where he achieved great popularity as a singer.
In recent years, aside from composing a vast body of original works, he has returned to his first loves: -Swing music and his cornet. Andy performs with Lindfors Swing Affairs, as well as The Chicagoans, Stuttgart New Orleans Society, New Storyville Jazzband, Flat foot Stompers, Frln. Mayers Hinterhaus Jazzer, and Alexander Katz (various groups), just to name a few.

Harald Schwer (G) - piano

After a classical piano education and first experences in jazz with diverse jazz bands in Stuttgart and Köln, Harald joined the band “Brainstream in 1973/74. Up until 1980 he was band leader of the “Delta-Jazz-Quintett”. Through his swinging, sensitive, piano style, he is still today accompanying many jazz bands from the U.S.A. and England on their European tours. His, “Harald Schwer Trio” is a widely known, as a fine jazz trio. Almost 20 LPs/CDs productions have been recorded, with his expertise on piano. His style covers Trad. Jazz through Swing, Mainstream to Modern Jazz. Live in TV and Radio, Harald has backed artists such as: Lou Blackburn, Wild Bill Davison, Joe Gallardo, Dusko Gojkovic, Red Holloway, Barney Kessel, Emil Mangelsdorff, Billy Mitchel, Sir Danny Moss, Don Rader, Roman Schwaller, Benny Waters, Claude Williams, Roy Williams. Many well known Jazz Artists have had Harald Schwer, as pianist on their concert tours; in Germany, Europe, Hong Kong, as well as in “Blue Note” in New York. Not to mention diverse the many different Jazz-Festivals.

Helmut Siegle (G) - doublebass

born in Stuttgart in 1962, started his musical education on guitar, then on electric bass, and later he was educated on the contrabasse in Classical Music and Jazz.
He is member of different bands like Late 8 Big Band, Trio Voyage, Cottontail Swing Band, Metrum Bigband, Artango, Moonglow ... .
And worked with several bands like Jazzmo Dixie Gang, Charly Höllering All Stars, Martin Giebel Quartett, Roland Weber Quintett und Septett, Frederic Rabolds Ice Cream Jazzband, Silent Jazz Trio, Alexanders Ragtime Band, Flat Foot Stompers, Good Men of Swing ... .
He played in Russia, Sri Lanka and the european foreign countries.

Actually CD:

Lindfors Swing Affairs - Harlem Nights


Jazzpodium 7/2008
NWZ 19.03.08 CD-Kritik
Süssen 16.03.07

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