Will Lindfors, drummer







Swing Affairs


Growing up, surrounded by the many street musicians, actors and comedians; it is no wonder why Will Lindfors is so friendly, good humoured and sympathetic.

Will comes from San Francisco! America's most friendly city ! 

This high energy Californian drummer, belongs to the best of the swinging drummers; in the international scene. His timing and dynamic are hardly matchable, and his solos are breathtaking.

The 47 year career of this top-rated musician began early in San Francisco in the 60´s, in the black blues music clubs and bars. When he first came to Europe in 1970, to continue his studies at the conservatory of music in Amsterdam; he found work with many different bands and orchestras in Holland. Engagements in bands like Dave Kamien Division (Modern Jazz / Funk), and John Marshall (Blues) brought him to Germany in 1980.

In his 10 years on the road  with Gene Mighty Flea  Conner, and after playing numerous times in clubs in Switzerland, Zurich, Luzern; and throughout Germany, as well as in Austria, Fatty George's Jazz Club in Vienna ; Will had learned Top Showmanship, Improvisation, and Soloing, as well as High Energy Playing, and to Work Up an Individual Solo Routine with a Band. 1992 found him in Switzerland, this time with Al Copley, ( Boogie, Rock 'n' Roll, and Blues).

Again 1997 with Miss Sydney Ellis ( Blues and Gospel ) in the Pink Elephant Bar in Zermat Switzerland. On tour with Rick Abao (Folk, Blues, Jazz) between 1984 and 1997, with a CD Production, the 6-Day Races in Bremen, various trade exhibitions, as well as Live Radio Broadcasts for the WDR Radio; ( Rotes Licht ) once a month over 3 months.

In 1989 Will came into contact with Joe Wulf and through him, into contact with Rod Mason s Savanna Orchestra; where he stayed about a year.

1990 Will and Joe Wulf founded Joe Wulf and the New Orleans Boys  Musical Style Dixieland, New Orleans, and Swing. In 1993 Will and Joe Wulf founded  Joe Wulf and the Gentlemen of Swing  ( Swing Jazz and Blues 1930's - 1950's ). This was a dream come true  for Will, and he played with the band almost up to the end of 2004.

2005 was the year that Will formed Lindfors Swing Affairs  a swing Quartet. Then in 2008 Lindfors Swing Affairs recorded their first CD Harlem Nights . In the same recording period the quartet recorded,  From Andy with Love ; Composed and arranged by Andy Lawrence. Another fine CD emerged, unexpectedly from the same recording period. The CD Production, arranged from pianist Harald Schwer. Jazz Café 

Will Plays currently with:
The Chicagoans, Flat Foot Stompers, Oldtime Jazz Quintett, Will Lindfors Trio,
Harald Schwer Trio, Lindfors Swing Affairs.